Rajender Parsad

Rajender Parsad Principal Scientist, Division of Design of Experiments, IASRI, New Delhi, India

Dr. Rajender Parsad is a Principal Scientist and Former Head, Division of Design of Experiments at ICAR-Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute, New Delhi. He has made important and useful research contributions to both theoretical and applied aspects of Agricultural Statistics in general and Design of Experiments and Sampling Theory in particular. His research has received wide acceptance and appreciation both at National and International level.
Dr. Rajender Parsad has provided leadership in developing statistical packages for generation of randomized layout of designs and analysis of experimental data. Recipient of many awards which includes National Award in Statistics in Honour of Professor CR Rao, 2011; ICAR- National Fellow 2005-2009; Professor PV Sukhatme Gold Medal Award, ISAS 2010; Dr. D.N. Lal Memorial Lecture Award, ISAS, 2005; IARI Best Teacher Award, 2002; IARI Gold Medal, 1988, etc. He is an Elected Fellow of National Academy of Agricultural Sciences and elected Member of ‘International Statistical Institute’.

His dissemination efforts have led to the adoption of modern efficient designs for experimentation and sophisticated analytics of the data generated by the researchers in the National Agricultural Research and Education System, which has helped in improving the quality of agricultural experimentation. The bulletin on significance of statistical designs in agricultural research is a pocket diary for agricultural scientists as it defines the designs actually used.

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