Madhavi Ravikumar

Madhavi Ravikumar Assistant Professor, Department of Communication, Hyderabad Central University, India

Dr. Madhavi Ravikumar, a journalist, academician and researcher for over 20 years. She had obtained PhD in Journalism and Mass Communication. Prior to joining the present position as Assistant Professor, Department of Communication, S N School of Arts and Communication, Hyderabad Central University, she was with Asian College of Journalism, Chennai. She had been associated with media organisation and NGO’s like The Indian Express, The Hindu, The Week, NDTV, All India Radio and M S Swaminathan Research Foundation (MSSRF) in various capacities.
Dr. Madhavi Ravikumar had published books and articles in both national and international publications on various subjects. Also done few projects with BBC, German institute InWent and Unicef. Her teaching interests include print and new media, broadcast journalism, development journalism and convergence journalism. Dr Madhavi research interest has been in areas like media studies, development communication and policy studies.

Data Science Teaching & Scientific Communication

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