Genomic Selection & Genome-Wide Association Mapping

Ralph W Cummings Auditorium

This session will cover recent advances in field of Genomic Selection and Genome-Wide Association mapping. Genomic selection is a approach for improving quantitative traits in plant breeding populations that uses whole genome molecular markers capturing small effect whereas Genome-Wide Association mapping exploits historical linkage disequilibrium to link phenotypes to genotypes.

This session is being convened by Dr. Dietrich Borchardt, Sugarbeet Breeder, KWS, Einbeck, Germany (Convener) & Dr. A.R. Rao, Principal Scientist, ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi, India (Co-Convener).

List of Invited Speakers:

  1. Dr. Dietrich Borchardt
  1.   Quantitative Trait Loci – From detection to application in breeding
  1. Dr. Valentin Wimmer
  1.   Genome-based prediction in KWS breeding programs
  1. Dr. Keith Gardner
  1.   Exploring association mapping approaches in a multi-year, multi-location, multi-pathogen experiment of wheat disease resistance in NW Europe
  1. Patrick Thorwarth
  1.   Application and optimization of genomic prediction models for barley breeding
  1. Dr. Christina Lehermeier
  1.   GWAS and genomic prediction across multiple breeding cycles