Design of Experiments & Phenotyping

Ralph W Cummings Auditorium

Advances in optimizing experimental procedures for qualitative evaluation of crop plant performance in high throughput phenotyping systems

This session is being convened by Dr. Fred Van Eeuwijk, Wageningen University, The Netherlands (Convener) & Dr. Abhishek Rathore, ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi, India (Co-Convener).

List of Invited Speakers and Topics:

  1. Dr. Fred Van Eeuwijk
  1.    The statistics of phenotyping
  1. Dr. Marcos Malosetti
  1.    Modelling spatial field trends by a two-dimensional P-spline mixed model
  1. Dr. Jens Mohring
  1.    Do we need check plots in early generation field trial testing?
  1. Dr. Stuart W. Gardner
  1.    Analyzing Field Experiments with GxE Spatial Mixed Models