Ralph W Cummings Auditorium


This session focus on application of Bioinformatics to agricultural research and also emphasis on models and algorithms. This session will bring together researchers and practitioners in the application of computational systems, algorithmic concepts and information technologies to address challenging problems with a particular focus on the emerging problems in Bioinformatics and computational biology.

This session is being convened by Dr. Kelly Robbins, Cornell University (Convener) & Dr. Anil Rai, Principal Scientist, ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi, India (Co-Convener).

List of Invited Speakers and Topics:

  1. Dr. Kelly Robbins
  1. GOBII: Genomic Open-source Breeding Informatics Initiative
  1. Dr. David Marshall
  1. With DNA based Variant Data – What You See is What You Get
  1. Dr. Ramil P. Mauleon
  1. Big data analysis in rice at IRRI: Challenges in reproducibility, discoverability, and interoperability
  1. Dr. Nickolai N Alexandrov
  1. 3,000 rice genome project: Big data and bioinformatics perspectives
  1. Dr. Dinesh Kumar
  1. Computational genomics approach for development of breed and variety signature system for agricultural germplasm management