Bayesian Statistics

212 CF Bentley Conference Center

Encourage the development and application of Bayesian analysis useful in the solution of theoretical and applied problems in science, industry and government. The two emerging genomic approaches for investigating genetic architecture and improving breeding efficiency for complex traits in crop species.

This session is being convened by Dr. Murari Singh, Senior Biometrician, ICARDA (Convener) & Dr. Himadri Ghosh, Principal Scientist, ICAR-IASRI, New Delhi, India (Co-Convener).

List of Invited Speakers:

  1. Dr. Jode Warren Edwards
  1.  Improving Decisions in Plant Breeding with a Bayesian Approach
  1. Dr. Athar Ali Khan
  1.  Applications of Bayesian Computing in Modelling of Agricultural Data
  1. Dr. Satyanshu K. Upadhyay
  1.  Bayesian Modelling: A Few Related Issues
  1. Dr. Murari Singh
  1.  A Bayesian analysis of data from on-farm trials in legumes in Afghanistan